Montreal in Canada is The Ultimate Destination for The Reveler


Being the most populous city of Canada, Montreal is the liveliest and the most happening city that you will ever visit in any place of the world. Also known as the cultural and the financial capital of the country, the city derived its name from Mount Royal which is a triple peaked hill. The city is a place for the ultimate reveler as there is a bustling of activities that takes place in one part of the city or the other.

If you do not have Montreal in your Canada Tour Packages, then you will certainly miss a large part of the fun. The city is a complete package for an exciting tour which most of the tourists look for while visiting a foreign country. From the skyscrapers to theme parks, art galleries, museums, shopping malls and night clubs; Montreal has got all the doses of entertainment that will leave you asking for more.

In this article you will get a complete overview of the different tourist attractions of Montreal in Canada.

Olympic Tower: Built in the year 1976, the Olympic Tower was constructed on the eve of Summer Olympics which was held in that year. The primary purpose of building this 175 meter tall tower was to provide a view to the audiences of the Olympic area as well as the whole city. It has now become a tourist attraction. Visiting the place is an enthralling experience. The main attraction of the tower is its observatory from where you can have a spectacular view of the Laurentian Mountains.

The interesting part of visiting this Tower is the Funicular, which is a cable railway that takes the tourists high atop the tower. The tower is open throughout the year except the months of January and February when it is closed due to maintenance work. It is also known as the Montreal Tower Observatory.

Mount Royal Park: Visiting Mount Royal Park is the best way to spend some quality time with your family members as well as your loved ones. The primary attraction of the park is Kondiaronk Belvedere, which provides a breathtaking view of the Montreal Town. The park is spread over an area of 470 acres and is visited by the tourists mostly in winter months. The large fields in the park make it an appropriate place to enjoy different type of outdoor sports.

Beaver Lake is another attraction of the place. It is a man-made lake. The water in the lake is so fresh and pure that one can even use for drinking water. Other attractions of the place include ski slope and a sculpture garden.

Bonsecours Market: Do not forget to visit the Bonsecours Market. Here, you can get all your shopping desires fulfilled. Leather goods, garments, arts and crafts are available here. In order to reach there you can either take a bus or a metro. Located near the market is an old building that represents a splendid display of the 19th century architecture. You can also visit the underground Carrefour Laval mall. And shop the items of your choice.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are a number of night clubs where you can enjoy yourself. Some of the famous nightclubs of the place include Ivy Nightclub, 2108 Club Terrace, Jet Night Club and Rouge Bar.

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