Special Bonanza of Natural Splendor-Canada

Canada Holidays
Canada is the second largest country in the world which has natures best treasures imbedded to its Natural Achievements. Canada is the land of golden flowing wheat field prairies, deep blue lakes and the snow capped mountains to the never ending rainforest, desert, and blossoming orchards in the south. The flora and fauna found in this land is massive in variety. You will find the most exotic flora basically dominated by indigenous trees and the national symbol of the Country –“The Maple Tree”. Canada has the most amazing variety of Wild Life. The grizzly bears, polar bears, coyote to caribou. An interesting fact here is that Canada has a large number of National Parks to protect is wildlife. For this country the conservation of its Natural Beauty is an extremely important issue.

 Luxury Canada Holidays gives you the best packages that help you enjoy the best facilities and sites of this land. The two official languages of Canada are English and French making it easy to mingle in with the crowd. But you will find the ethical mix of different cultures in the country from English, French to Chinese. This country is a sport loving country. Hockey, skiing, Mountain biking, American style football and baseball are very popular and all of these sports are played with great enthusiasm across Canada.

Canada’s climate is not as cold all year around as most believe it to be. You will find a mild climate around the south-western coast.  But yes, in the winter season the temperatures do fall below the freezing point throughout most of Canada. Canada Holidays help you to refresh yourself of the busy stressful life of the cities. Once you associate yourself with the incredible wildlife and beauty of the place you detoxify yourself with the magic of the nature itself.  Destination Travels offers packages to the northern shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the pride of Vancouver- its largest park at 1,000 acres- Stanley Park and much more. Enjoy your much awaited Holidays in the best destination of the world-Canada.


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