Montreal in Canada is The Ultimate Destination for The Reveler


Being the most populous city of Canada, Montreal is the liveliest and the most happening city that you will ever visit in any place of the world. Also known as the cultural and the financial capital of the country, the city derived its name from Mount Royal which is a triple peaked hill. The city is a place for the ultimate reveler as there is a bustling of activities that takes place in one part of the city or the other.

If you do not have Montreal in your Canada Tour Packages, then you will certainly miss a large part of the fun. The city is a complete package for an exciting tour which most of the tourists look for while visiting a foreign country. From the skyscrapers to theme parks, art galleries, museums, shopping malls and night clubs; Montreal has got all the doses of entertainment that will leave you asking for more.

In this article you will get a complete overview of the different tourist attractions of Montreal in Canada.

Olympic Tower: Built in the year 1976, the Olympic Tower was constructed on the eve of Summer Olympics which was held in that year. The primary purpose of building this 175 meter tall tower was to provide a view to the audiences of the Olympic area as well as the whole city. It has now become a tourist attraction. Visiting the place is an enthralling experience. The main attraction of the tower is its observatory from where you can have a spectacular view of the Laurentian Mountains.

The interesting part of visiting this Tower is the Funicular, which is a cable railway that takes the tourists high atop the tower. The tower is open throughout the year except the months of January and February when it is closed due to maintenance work. It is also known as the Montreal Tower Observatory.

Mount Royal Park: Visiting Mount Royal Park is the best way to spend some quality time with your family members as well as your loved ones. The primary attraction of the park is Kondiaronk Belvedere, which provides a breathtaking view of the Montreal Town. The park is spread over an area of 470 acres and is visited by the tourists mostly in winter months. The large fields in the park make it an appropriate place to enjoy different type of outdoor sports.

Beaver Lake is another attraction of the place. It is a man-made lake. The water in the lake is so fresh and pure that one can even use for drinking water. Other attractions of the place include ski slope and a sculpture garden.

Bonsecours Market: Do not forget to visit the Bonsecours Market. Here, you can get all your shopping desires fulfilled. Leather goods, garments, arts and crafts are available here. In order to reach there you can either take a bus or a metro. Located near the market is an old building that represents a splendid display of the 19th century architecture. You can also visit the underground Carrefour Laval mall. And shop the items of your choice.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are a number of night clubs where you can enjoy yourself. Some of the famous nightclubs of the place include Ivy Nightclub, 2108 Club Terrace, Jet Night Club and Rouge Bar.

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Special Bonanza of Natural Splendor-Canada

Canada Holidays
Canada is the second largest country in the world which has natures best treasures imbedded to its Natural Achievements. Canada is the land of golden flowing wheat field prairies, deep blue lakes and the snow capped mountains to the never ending rainforest, desert, and blossoming orchards in the south. The flora and fauna found in this land is massive in variety. You will find the most exotic flora basically dominated by indigenous trees and the national symbol of the Country –“The Maple Tree”. Canada has the most amazing variety of Wild Life. The grizzly bears, polar bears, coyote to caribou. An interesting fact here is that Canada has a large number of National Parks to protect is wildlife. For this country the conservation of its Natural Beauty is an extremely important issue.

 Luxury Canada Holidays gives you the best packages that help you enjoy the best facilities and sites of this land. The two official languages of Canada are English and French making it easy to mingle in with the crowd. But you will find the ethical mix of different cultures in the country from English, French to Chinese. This country is a sport loving country. Hockey, skiing, Mountain biking, American style football and baseball are very popular and all of these sports are played with great enthusiasm across Canada.

Canada’s climate is not as cold all year around as most believe it to be. You will find a mild climate around the south-western coast.  But yes, in the winter season the temperatures do fall below the freezing point throughout most of Canada. Canada Holidays help you to refresh yourself of the busy stressful life of the cities. Once you associate yourself with the incredible wildlife and beauty of the place you detoxify yourself with the magic of the nature itself.  Destination Travels offers packages to the northern shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the pride of Vancouver- its largest park at 1,000 acres- Stanley Park and much more. Enjoy your much awaited Holidays in the best destination of the world-Canada.

5 Key Attractions on School Trips to Canada

Luxury Canada HolidaysWhat makes a place stand out as an excursion destination? If you should ask the students, no doubt fun and freedom from the classroom are top priorities. For parents, safety and memorable experiences are often tantamount. Administrators and teachers will stress the need to add educational value to the uniquely enjoyable experience of traveling far afield.

Everyone’s interests are served by Canada. The heterogeneous culture, strong infrastructure, well-established security, vibrant cities and gorgeous landscapes invite students to enjoy a fully rounded journey.

Niagara Falls

How many school trips can boast a visit to the thunderous awe of Niagara Falls? Straddling the border of Ontario and the United States, these three waterfalls eddy, surge, and thresh pouring with monumental force and fury down the 165-foot drop, forming the highest flow rate of any waterfall on Earth. Not only will students be thrilled by this spectacle, but there is also ample opportunity for them to learn geography and environmental science from an excursion to the falls.


A true melting pot, the relatively modern city of Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. It offers students on school trips the chance to immerse themselves in true cultural diversity. From its rag-tag mix of architecture – featuring the dazzlingly tall CN Tower and the eclectic ethnic suburbs – to its diverse range of art and cuisine, Toronto will entice, entertain and educate students in the comprehensive impact of social multiculturalism.

French Montreal

One of the major draw cards of Canada when it comes to school trips is that it is a genuinely multilingual nation, with its predominantly English-speaking regions distinct from those that are predominantly French-speaking. Students can move from English-speaking Ontario to French-speaking Montreal, the largest primarily French-speaking city in the world after Paris. The city is not just an education in the French language and culture, but is also a culturally unique homage to its special French background and a financial powerhouse in modern Canada.

Concerts in Toronto

Amid the green parks and Edwardian neighborhoods of Toronto lies a unique lesson in music and theater. Any teachers who organize school trips to this city will discover the home of Canada’s Ballet, Theater, Symphony and Opera companies. Students of the arts will discover a veritable feast: from live performances of Shakespeare in the park and the Sony Center for Performing Arts to the opportunities to explore one of the hubs of Canada’s burgeoning film industry.

History in Montreal

Despite its image of being a relatively modern society, Canada is rich in history. Even if students do not speak French, they can appreciate the heritage of the pleasant city of Montreal. They can learn to appreciate its modern origins at the hands of French explorers and traders, and how it sat politically and socially with the English speaking regions. Moreover, students can appreciate the native Indian history of the Montreal region that belies the focus on Canadian history beginning with European colonization.

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Canada- An ultimate travel destination

Apart from being neighbor to the United States, Canada is exclusively popular for rich natural beauty. This country is prosperous be it economically or technically, and offer lots of attractions to tourists. Moreover, this is also a land of festivals arrive here during the summers specifically between the June 21 to July 1. These 10 days are assigned for exclusive celebration. The celebration begins by observing ‘National Aboriginal Day’ and closes with Canada Day. Between the spell of 10 days lot of festivity take place. In fact, there is a party in every nook and corner of the country during these days. Well, if you are looking to explore the authentic Canadian music, and hit this country during spring, especially between the month of April and May. This is a time when  Canadian music festival  takes place. Visit the to find the most suitable travel package to explore this country in its length and breadth. A list Canada holiday packages offered  by them includes, 1 Night Rocky Mountaineer, 4 Days Vancouver Experience, 5 Days Montreal & Quebec City Experience, 5 Days Canada covering Toronto & Niagara, 8 Days Mountain Rail, etc.